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Alright, when you research where to eat in Vienna, the first thing that comes up is usually schnitzel, with Figlmüller being the most famous place. Since we generally avoid touristy spots, we didn't feel compelled to eat there. It's recommended to make a reservation before going, and we didn't eat there. However, we're sure it's as good as they say.

1. Cafe Schrödinger

Our first schnitzel stop was the extremely local Cafe Schrödinger, which caught our eye as we were walking along the road. The price-performance ratio is not bad.

Location here.

2. Purstner

This place left the schnitzel experience at its finest for us. The decoration and ambiance are fantastic. We were very satisfied and impressed. The prices are a bit above average, but it's worth it.

Let's get the location from here.

3. Justiz Cafe

This place became a very interesting stop for us. Because this is the cafeteria of the Ministry of Justice. It's open to the public, so entry is allowed. We went there early in the morning for coffee and breakfast. At first, you might hesitate to enter, after all, it's the Ministry of Justice. Then, after a thorough check at the entrance, they let you in, and you can access the cafeteria. We were the only tourists in the cafeteria; the rest were ministry employees. As you can understand, there is no tourist flow. We paid 12.80€ for two coffees and two pastries. They only accept cash. The city view from the terrace is fantastic. Be sure to experience it.

Location here.

4. Salm Brau

Here is a beer factory located just a 1-minute walk from our hotel. They brew their own beers, and their schnitzels and dishes are delicious. You should definitely see and spend time here. When visiting the Belvedere Palace, you should have a meal and drinks here. Prices are average.

We're leaving the location here.

5. 1516 Brewing Company

We really liked this place. When you enter here, you can feel like you're in the Middle Ages. You must try the beer and snacks. You can see the location here.

6. Pick Wick’s

If you want to eat and drink a bit with locals, you can enter here. It's a place that is both a library and a pub. We decided to go in while we were walking. You can spend 1-2 hours here. We left the location here.

7. Cafe Central

There are certainly many cafes to visit and explore, but with our limited time, we chose this place. Freud and Zweig used to frequent here a lot in the past. According to our research, the Melanie coffee and apfelstrudel (apple strudel) are famous, and there is a live piano performance. Unfortunately, we didn't catch the piano performance. We had to wait in line to get in, but it went quickly. It was a nice choice for coffee and dessert in an old café in Vienna.

Click here for the location.

8. Arrigo / Tiny local pub

At a metro exit we randomly stumbled upon while wandering without a specific plan, we found this small place by chance. If we say we left our hearts here, it wouldn't be an exaggeration. The interior filled with middle-aged locals, and it created an incredibly enjoyable ambiance. It's a place within a small market called Rochusmarkt, featuring a florist, a pub, and eateries. We'll leave a few photos here so you don't miss experiencing places like this. If we visit again, we'll definitely stop by.

Location here.

9. Spelunke

The cocktails are amazing, and it's a fantastic cocktail bar with a great atmosphere. Prices are above average.

Let's get you the location from here.

Of course, there are many more places for dining and drinking. We explored and wrote about these places by trying to go local. If you have additions, let's meet in the comments. :)

For transportation and accommodation in Vienna, you can check here, and for places to visit and see in Vienna, you can find them here.

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