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CITY OF ART AND COFFEE, VIENNA! Accommodation and Transportation February/2023

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

"As we must say what we need to say at the end at the beginning, we fell in love with Vienna," say Efil Efil Dünya travelers, and we will try to write our article with the main theme of "What to do in Vienna, where to go, what to eat?" as much as our keyboard allows.

Since we are not among those who say, "I will never go in winter" for traveling to Europe, we realized our trip to Vienna in February. By the way, yes, it was very cold, but we think traveling in winter is a different kind of pleasure.

Yes, we took off from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport at 9:15, and at 09:40, we landed at Vienna International Airport. We will leave you some information below for your questions like how to transfer to our hotel, whether to rent a car, or use Uber.

You can easily reach the hotel by metro from the airport, as we almost got off right in front of our hotel. (We will tell you about the hotel we chose and where we stayed shortly, that will come next. :))

Airport stop: Flughafen Wien

"Should we rent a car and travel, take Uber if we're in trouble, explore with public transportation, what do you think about renting a bike?"

First of all, we must emphasize that in our travel program that we planned before going, we finished the places we planned to visit in about 2-2.5 days out of the 4 days. This is entirely related to the fact that transportation in Vienna is very convenient. You can quickly transfer to everywhere with metro, tram, and bus systems. Therefore, we recommend not renting a car.

If you want to use Uber, you can reach the farthest areas by paying a maximum of 13-14 euros. Closer places are, of course, more affordable.

Biking can also be a great choice, but we didn't choose it because the weather was very cold. You can find information about rental and rent a bike from here.

If you prefer public transportation - which is the transportation method we chose and are extremely satisfied with - you can buy daily tickets for all public transportation for 16€ for 2 people from the machines inside the metro, i.e., 8€ per person. There is no need to show tickets or identification to anyone when you board public transportation. It's a completely trust-based system. However, if you cannot show your ticket during a ticket check, the fine is 115€ according to the latest information. Trust has its limits :)

Anyway, we don't want to get fined; we already got our tickets, let's go to the hotel.

Where did we stay?

We stayed at the "NH Wien Belvedere" hotel, right next to the Belvedere Palace. We were very pleased with the hotel's location. Our room had a view of the Belvedere Palace, and we could reach everywhere from the stop, which was 20 meters away from the hotel, for all the places we planned to visit. It turned out to be a location for our stay that we were extremely satisfied with. Also, the fact that there is a place called "Salm Brau" for eating and drinking, which we will mention later, within a 1-minute walking distance, captured our hearts.

Let's put the NH Wien Belvedere reservation information here, and for the location, let's put it here.

Now, instead of day by day, we will tell you about the places we visited and the places we ate and drank in two separate articles.

  1. If you say, "Let's explore a bit and get cultured," let's take you here.

  2. If you say, "Let's eat and drink," we'll take you here.

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