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TIME IN PERAST.. June / 2023

One of the places that should not be missed when visiting Kotor is Perast. I think we also left our hearts here.

It takes about 15 minutes by car from Perast to the bay while heading towards Kotor. On our way to Perast, we had four goals in mind. 1. To take a boat to Our Lady of the Rocks,

2. To see the island of Sveti Djordje,

3. To climb to the tower of St. Nikola Church,

4. To swim in Bojava Kula.

We planned not to stay here but to explore for the day and return to Kotor Old Town. We didn't think it would be a great location to stay, either.

Our plan was as mentioned above, but we had no idea how to get to the islands and where to park the car. Saying "we'll figure it out somehow," when we arrived in Perast, we found a place on the road where we could both park the car and take a boat to the island, and of course, we didn't miss this opportunity. We headed towards Our Lady of the Rocks, paying 15 Euros per person.

Now let's provide some information about the places to visit.

Our Lady of the Rocks: According to legend, this artificial island was built by local sailors in 1452 after placing a Madonna and Child icon on a floating rock in the sea. Sailors returning from successful voyages placed a rock in the bay, and over time, the island was formed. To this day, on July 22, a festival is held where people throw stones into the sea to keep this legend alive. The church on the island was renovated in 1722. A famous votive carpet made by Jacinta Kunic-Mijovic from Perast is exhibited on the island. It is called a votive carpet because Jacinta spent 25 years completing it while waiting for her lover to return from a long journey, eventually becoming blind. Using gold and silver threads, Jacinta even added her own hair to the carpet. The entrance to the church is 2 Euros per person. Don't forget to visit! :)

Sveti Djordje: Visiting this island is prohibited, but while heading to Our Lady of the Rocks island, you can see and capture photos of this island from a distance. Sveti Djordje, a natural island, is home to a monastery built in the 12th century and an old cemetery under cypress trees for ancient nobles. In May 1880, it is believed that this island might have inspired the Swiss painter Arnold Böcklin for his painting "Die Toteninsel" (Isle of the Dead). Let's leave this artistic insight here. :) Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the painting was very famous in Central Europe in the early 20th century and was said to have been found in all homes in Berlin at that time.

St. Nikola Church: The church was built in 1616, but some experts believe that centuries ago, another temple stood here. The entrance fee per person to climb the church tower and see the view of Perast is 1 Euro. When you climb to the tower, they warn you that the bells are very low, and you should be careful not to hit your head. But if you're clumsy like me, you might hit your head five times. :D

Bojava Kula: A beach located five minutes away by car from the islands' location, offering a pleasant time both in terms of the sea and the facility. By paying 15 Euros per person, you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers. Of course, there are also seas where you can enter for free. You just need to bring your own umbrella or spend time on the beach with towels. The only thing we think is missing at the beaches we visited in Montenegro is french fries.


After our tour of the churches and islands in Perast, we sat down at a place by the sea called Conte. Let's not pass without mentioning that this place, among the recommended places, is relatively a bit more expensive. After having something to drink and catching our breath here, we headed towards Bojava Kula.

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